Really good dog food

Here follows a short report on how I found the ideal dog food for my husky Yuma.

I was at that time with the Tami Box on a dog show in Rosenheim where Yuma also accompanied me. At that time he had clearly visible wounds on his elbows. I went to several vets beforehand and no one could really help me.

As luck would have it, there was a dog food stand directly opposite our Tami stand. I got into conversation with a very nice employee and she took a look at Yuma's wound. Her first thought was that he was overstayed by too much dry food. I have to say that Yuma has never touched canned food before and is basically very fussy about food. I got myself a can, went outside and offered it directly to Yuma. When I opened it, I noticed that for the first time I had dog food in my hands that even smelled good. Yuma jumped at it and I immediately got more cans at the stand afterwards.

After only two weeks with the new food, the sores on the elbows were gone. Since then I am a convinced customer. The great thing is also the marketing concept. You have the opportunity to become a team partner and even earn something.

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