Setup - How to attach the BackSeat Box to the back seat?

The BackSeat Box is basically placed upside down, with the front entrance facing the backrest. The reason for this is that in case of a sharp braking your dog will not fly against the net on the front, but into the soft back wall!

The BackSeat Box can be mounted on the back seat, as well as in the trunk. However, the rhomboid shape of the BackSeat Box must be taken into account here. On a straight surface, the box appears "slightly warped"!

Aufbau der BackSeat Box

Aufbau der BackSeat Box 1

Selection - Is there another trick to easily select the right box size?

To choose the right box size, you can simply determine the measurement of your dog from tail base to muzzle. To this measurement add 20cm and the result is the width of the appropriate trunk box in the outer dimension. For the BackSeat box are a good 10cm to the outer dimension in the width to add, due to the reduced depth of the BackSeat boxes.

We generally recommend to choose the boxes as small as possible, because in case of a sharp turn or even accident, your dog has less chance to fly around in the box! Dogs are also space artists and they should find enough space in the diagonal of the floor area. In addition, the Tami Box can be opened at the top, so that your dog can also sit during the ride and look out above.

If you are not sure, it is also always useful to put a blanket on the floor with the inner dimension of the particular Tami Box and let your dog sit on it to have the area plastically in front of him.

Fastening - What about the fastening of the Tami Box?

On the sides of the Tami Box are eyelets for attachment which can be used with enclosed carabiner straps. With the BackSeat Boxes is a suitable seat belt extension in the accessories. It is optimal if the Tami Box just fits into your vehicle and can tilt nicely. Then by the own weight of your dog - according to our experience - basically no further fastening is needed. This is a great advantage, especially if you change your car frequently. When mounting on the back seat, however, we recommend the belt with the enclosed belt extension.

Bite resistant - How does the Tami Box perform when bitten and scratched?

The material Drop Stitch comes originally from the military field and is extremely robust and durable. In addition, we have taken care in the design of the Tami Box that it is not possible for your dog to get enough material between the teeth, as long as he is in the box. The accessories also include a repair kit to repair the box yourself in case of need.

Bar - How to attach the black bar to the box?

This bar stabilizes the box in case of air leakage.
There is a red tab at the upper right corner of the box. Here, the rod is inserted into the box with the sharpened side first, so that about 2 cm are still protruding at the end. If the tab is then difficult to close again, please first release the air completely from the box, and try it again with relatively much force, so that you can fasten the tab to the Velcro again.

Dimensions - What is the angle of the Tami Box in side view?

Side view of the trunk box
Seitenansicht der Kofferraum Box

Side view of the Backseat Box
Maße der BackSeat Box

The BackSeat Box can be mounted both on the rear seat and in the trunk. Here, however, the rhomboid shape of the BackSeat Box should be noted. On a straight surface, the box appears "slightly warped"!

Accident - How does the Tami Box behave in the event of an accident?

The great advantage of our Tami Box - in terms of your dog's safety - is the airbag effect. In case of an accident, it crumples the box as a protective surface around your dog, so that he is optimally protected even in dangerous situations. Here is our crash test

Quality - What are the characteristics of Tami Box in terms of quality?

The Drop Stitch material has only been on the market for a few years and there are only a few manufacturers worldwide. With Drop Stitch, thousands of threads are stretched, which makes the box incredibly dimensionally stable and robust.

Drop Stitch

The Tami Box is 100% handmade which is also noticeable in the interaction with the manufacturing costs. In addition, the Tami Box is made from non-toxic materials.

Accessories - What accessories does the Tami Box come with?

1x foot pump
1x Combined bumper and side entry protection
4x Fastening straps (2x long, 2x short)
2x Universal seat belt extensions (BackSeat Box accessories)
1x Special carabiner for guiding the seat belts (BackSeat Box accessory)
1x Continuously inflatable level roller (BackSeat Box accessory)

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