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ASSEMBLY - How to attach the BackSeat Box to the back seat?

The BackSeat Box is basically placed upside down, with the front entrance facing the backrest. This is because in the event of a sharp braking, your dog will not fly against the net on the front, but into the soft back wall! The BackSeat Box can be attached both to the rear seat and in the trunk. However, the rhomboid shape of the BackSeat Box should be taken into account here. On a flat surface, the box appears "slightly distorted"!

Assembly of the BackSeat Box

Assembly of the BackSeat Box 1

SELECTION - Is there a trick to easily choose the right box size?

To choose the right box size, simply measure your dog from the base of the tail to the nose. Add about 15 cm to this measurement and the result is the width of the suitable trunk box in external dimensions. For the BackSeat Box, add about 10 cm to the external dimensions in width, due to the reduced depth of the BackSeat Boxes.

We generally recommend choosing the smallest possible boxes, as in the case of a sharp curve or even an accident, your dog will have less play in the box to fly around! Dogs are also space artists and they should have enough space on the diagonal of the floor surface. In addition, the Tami box can be opened at the top, so that your dog can sit and look out during the trip.

If you are not sure, it is always useful to lay a blanket with the internal dimensions of the respective Tami box on the floor and let your dog sit on it, to have the surface literally in front of you.

FIXATION - How does the Tami box behave in terms of fixation?

On the sides of the Tami box there are eyelets for fixation which can be used with the included carabiner straps. With the BackSeat Boxes, a suitable seat belt extension is included in the accessories. It is optimal if the Tami box just fits into your vehicle and can be nicely angled. Then, due to the weight of your dog - in our experience - no further fixation is basically needed. This is especially advantageous for frequent rebuilding. For the setup on the rear seat, however, we recommend securing with the included seat belt extension.

BITE RESISTANT - How does the Tami box behave in the face of bites and scratches?

The Drop Stitch material originally comes from the military sector and is extremely robust and durable. In addition, in the conception of the Tami box, we have ensured that it is not possible for your dog to get enough material between the teeth as long as he is in the box. The accessories also include a repair set to repair the box if necessary. In the event of scratches or bites, it is important to use the repair set immediately, as otherwise moisture can enter the box and it can lose its stability.

BAR - How is the black bar attached to the box?

This bar stabilizes the box in case any air escapes. On the top right corner of the box, you will find a red tab. Insert the bar with the pointed side into the box first, leaving about 2 cm sticking out at the end. If the tab is difficult to close again, first completely release the air from the box and try again with relatively much force, so that you can attach the tab to the Velcro again.

MEASUREMENTS - What angle does the Tami box have in the side view?

Side view of the trunk box
Side view of the trunk box

Side view of the BackSeat box
Measurements of the BackSeat box

The BackSeat box can be attached both to the back seat and the trunk. However, you should keep in mind the rhomboid shape of the BackSeat box. On a flat surface, the box looks "slightly distorted"!

ACCIDENT - How does the Tami box behave in an accident?

The big advantage of our Tami box - in terms of the safety of your dog - is the airbag effect. In an accident, the box crushes as a protective surface around your dog, so that he is optimally protected even in dangerous situations. Here is our crash test

QUALITY - What features does the Tami box have in terms of quality?

The Drop Stitch material has only been on the market for a few years and there are only a few manufacturers worldwide. With Drop Stitch, thousands of threads are stretched, which makes the box extremely dimensionally stable and robust.

Drop Stitch

The Tami Box is 100% handmade which is also noticeable in the interaction with the manufacturing costs. In addition, the Tami Box is made from non-toxic materials.

ACCESSORIES - What accessories come with the Tami Box?

1x foot pump
1x combined bumper and side entry protection
4x fastening straps (2x long, 2x short)
2x universal safety belt extensions (accessory for BackSeat Box)
1x special carabiner for guiding the safety belts (accessory for BackSeat Box)
1x infinitely inflatable level roll (accessory for BackSeat Box)

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