TAMI Partition for Trunk Box L


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Inflatable optional partition for the TAMI Trunk Box XXL.

The partition, available as an original Tami accessory, allows easy transport of two dogs. The partition is supplied with a set of Velcro fasteners, and can infinitely divide the Tami box into two equal, or different sized areas, reliably.

To ensure that your dog feels comfortable in the box and is protected all around, determine its size to choose the right dog crate.

In any case, your dog should be able to lie comfortably and turn around.

To get a quick impression of the available lying area in the TAMI box, simply lay out a blanket the size of the interior dimensions of the respective TAMI box on the floor at home and let your dog lie on it.

The recommended interior height of the TAMI Box should be equal to or greater than the height of your dog at the withers.

1. Length of your dog
Measure from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail and add half a leg length.

2. Height of your dog
Measure standing straight down from the shoulder blade to the ground. Add 10% but at least 5 cm.

3. Width of your dog
Measure at the widest point. Width x 2 is the optimal depth of your box.

You now know which box is the right one for your dog.
Now you have to find out if it fits in your car.

1. Depth of your trunk
When measuring the depth, take into account the maximum possible space. IMPORTANT: Also measure the depth from the closed trunk to the back seat at the height of your selected box.

2. Width of your trunk
When measuring the width, make sure that the box has enough space in the height.

3. Height of your trunk
Measure the height from the floor to the headliner, taking into account the window slope.



Light as a feather

It can be described as "ultralight". While usual boxes made of metal weigh between 20 and 30 kg, the Tami dog box weighs just 6 kg in a medium size, can be folded into a small package, and above all is easy to carry and easy to store. This makes the problem of accommodation a thing of the past. The box remains folded, for example, in the trunk, where it is only a maximum height of 20 cm.

Aufblasbar in Sekunden
Inflatable in seconds
Inflation with a handy foot pump takes only about 20 seconds for size M.
Platzsparnd faltbar
Space saving foldable
Vielseitig auf Reisen
Versatile for travel
Weicher Innenraum
Soft interior
The interior of the TAMI contains no metal or other hard surfaces - just a pliable, comfortable, fur-friendly surface. After several prototypes, we saw the outstanding advantages of an inflatable dog crate. Of course, the dog box is equipped with eyelets at the bottom so that it can be securely anchored in the car when in use. The "smart" zipper can be blocked from the outside, so even the smartest dog can't outsmart it and escape from the box.
Auch als Home Box
Also as Home Box
Leicht zu reinigen
Easy to clean
Water repellent
The flexible outer shell of the Tami dog box cannot damage the interior of the vehicle. Of course, the dog box has fastening options to ensure secure anchoring in the vehicle. The entire box is water repellent inside and out, completely washable and therefore very hygienic, as no wood or textiles are used.
UV beständig
UV resistant

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